Friday, October 14, 2005

We don´t need natural disasters, We have president Lula da Silva

This is an amazing article by the brazilian neocon Reinaldo Azevedo.
Reinaldo is the editor of a magazine/website called "Primeira Leitura" ("First Reading"). During Fernando Henrique Cardoso´s government, "Primeira.." used to be the spokenperson of brazilian main social-democrat party - PSDB. But since Lula da Silva was elected, it begun to swerved to the right and conservatism.

This text explain why we (the conservatives) are so depressed by the politics in Brazil.
I tottally agreed with except for the part that imposes the guilt for the dead in NO to GWB. But Reinaldo is brazilian and this is the regular thinking here...

Unfortunately this text is in portuguese but here´s some excerpts.
We have Lula. We don´t need natural disasters. 
by Reinaldo Azevedo  

"Well, we are lucky, indeed! As composer Chico Buarque used to say, we 'came across'  a territory whose tectonic plates are old and stable, didn´t they? I started to think that even in the nature there´s no thing like 'free lunch': to get even with this smooth nature, the intense way that we mistreated our own history equals to many earthquakes in a row. Do you want to know it?  More than 40 thousand people die in Brazil every year as victims of firearms, it´s higher than the Pakistan´s earthquake death toll (23 thousand to date) and forty times of the number of victims of the Hurricane Katrina. And our government had a 'brilliant' idea to lower this number: to disarm the victims, not the criminals.

Despite the war in Iraq, Bush could be terminated by those thousand deceased in New Orleans. American people could forgive a war if it was for a good reason, but they do not accept unmotivated lack of action. It turns  out to be unpatriotic. People that do not rebel against tax bad use & robbery deserve to live under the whiplash, indeed. The United States are a great nation. And Brazil is an unimportant nation. Only angered people don´t see this". 

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