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New Issue of Commentary - December 2007

The December issue of Commentary seems to be very interesting..
I am sharing with all of you.
I have boldened some very insightful excerpts..

There´s another extraodinary article, proving that the reduction on welfare benefits in 1996 played keyrole in reducing abortion rates, crime and drug use in United Sates. I think that was the conservative tide in US the responsible for it. 

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Dear Reader,

China may be in the midst of an economic miracle, but its political culture has stagnated, and even regressed. In " My Short March Through China," Commentary's managing editor Gary Rosen reports on his recent trip to China and on the alarming (and, in places, hopeful) signs of things to come.

The prophets of America's social doom, who seemed so inevitably right fifteen years ago when crime rates were skyrocketing and welfare rolls swelling, have thankfully been proved wrong by events. Peter Wehner and Yuval Levin explain why in " Crime, Drugs, Welfare—and Other Good News."

Hillel Halkin demolishes current misconceptions about Israel's settlements and describes their value and strategic necessity in " What the Settlements Have Achieved."

For those of you who can't wait to see the rest of the issue's contents, click here. And make sure to check out our always controversial letters-to-the-editor section, this month featuring correspondence on Max Boot's " How Not to Get Out of Iraq," Jack Wertheimer's " The Perplexities of Conservative Judaism," and Kay Hymowitz's " Freedom Fetishists."

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Anonymous said...

That was an interesting article on sex, crime, and welfare. My biggest problem with welfare is that people abuse the system way too much! I can't say who my sources are but trust me, it goes beyond a perception of abuse. I think the whole system needs to be abolished (or if not abolished, then severely regulated, giving whomever needs the money for six months (and they should be able to find work in that time)).
The jobs eliminated by elimination of welfare (or the IRS, as some have suggested) could have a horrible impact on our economy. Nonesene, I say! Put all those recently unemployed federal workers to work as CBP agents, patrolling our southern border (and northern too ;) .
Illegal aliens are part of the reason for strain on welfare, education, hospitals, and other things. It is one more reason they must all be ejected (besides not knowing who they are, violent crime past (if applicable)), Communist ideology, etc.).

As far as sex, abstinence abstinence abstinence. One of my sources told me of a teenager screaming as she was going through labor pains, "I want my mom!!!!"
The nurse, who was clearly purturbed by the unwed teenage soon to be mother said, "Shut up! You weren't screaming for your mom nine months ago!"
It's very harsh in my opinion, but true too. If people (especially my age) stop scapegoating the media as their reason for permiscuouness (and take responsibility for their own actions), maybe we'll see a sharp decline in out of wedlock pregnancy. Do people even realize what happens when they do that? They're bringing a kid into a world where it might not have a fair shot, as mom and dad might not a) care about the kid b) have money to support it or c) view it as a burden.
Basically, I think a greater sense of personal responsibility and self-reliance are needed in US society. With those two things, most of these problems will fall to negligible levels or cease completely (even though that's unlikely).

Giving people outs, like abortion, is morally wrong and wrong (as it's a chance for them to "undo" their mistake, by killing an innocent life no less).