Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Why is Brazil in Haiti? To avoid US troops there? To play soccer? Both!!

Another phrase from the big-moron-in-brazilian-presidency. This time the subject was our (brazilian) little Vietnam - Haiti.
Lula doesn't lose the occasion to blame on the Americans our prsence there.
Read this stupidity: 'The truth is that, if we not would be there, the marines would be the there, doing what we never will do - a policemen role - because we don't have any plot to perform this kind of action'. Lula still added that brazilian soldiers were in Haiti to 'try to guarantee the peacetime until the elections there'. According to him the Brazilian army in Haiti 'will not lose any opportunity' to prove its value.

Comment: Does anybody know how to promote peace in the middle of a riot like Haiti's WITHOUT acting as a police force there? How can our army promote peace? Playing soccer?
You know that? Lula send our multi-platinum-golden soccer team to a country at war to bring some kind of "self steem" to the people... What a pitty that, despite of the high life risk the government exposed our soccer players, the violence rankings didn't lower..
I just discovered where our president had this lousy idea: from movies!! "Escape to Victory" was the inspirational movie. This movie puts together soccer and war. And the soccer won... I think he thought it could happen again in the real world.... If it wouldn't work, blame on the USA!!!
For those who didn't get this , here's the complete story..
It's not a kind of Pelé movie that the war was decided on a soccer field (remember it

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