Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hugo Chavez does not measure up to Alvaro Uribe | www.vcrisis.com

In front of a crowd, as in the last edition of World Social Forum, Chavez is the super-hero of the latin left. He is the heroic "bolivarian" revolutionary. He has manhood, bravery and independency...
But in the real life, he shrinks in front of a real statesman as Alvaro Uribe.

Venezuela Crisis has an interesting article about it.
Hugo Chavez does not measure up to Alvaro Uribe | www.vcrisis.com: "Colombia's President Uribe invited Chavez to hold an open debate on the issue in the presence of regional leaders. Chavez, the modern day Robin Hood, the reincarnation of Che Guevara, the saviour of the disenfranchised, got scared shitless and decided not to assist."

It´s so typical from the left. They are cowards, they´ll always be. They love to talk absurdities but never to pay the price for them.

The political height of Hugo Chavez was revealed when Colombian government use some paid-off services from Venezuelan citizens to bring back a dangerous FARC terrorist agent - who was Chavez guest - to Colombia.

Chavez, despite all the hype he´s been receiving from the latin left will never be what´s he intends to. He´s just a Castro puppet. He knows it. And he knows that he is in charge until now because US is not looking at Latin America.

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