Sunday, October 23, 2005

President Lula: confessed guilty

President Lula da Silva, in a very well documented speech, showed no fear for revealing what´s his true motivation as Brazilian president: to help murders, tyrants, dictator-wannabes and red cocaine guerrilla leaders to take control over Latin America.
In fact, Lula has reassured his commitment to a foreign league of suspect nations (Venezuela, Cuba) and obscured left organizations known as "Foro de São Paulo" (Sao Paulo Forum) instead of his duty as President of Brazil.

It has just one name: Treason.

Philosopher Olavo de Carvalho has noted this, because the speech was not wide-spreaded among Brazilian media (of course not, they are part of the plan). Here´s the details:

"In celebration of the 15th anniversary of Sao Paulo Forum, the presidential speech on July , 2th that was reproduced by the o fficial government´s internet site ( .br/download/discursos/pr812a .doc)
is a true confession of a conspiration against Brazilian national sovereignity, a graver crime than the whole corruption cases committed and hidden by his government; A crime that would justify not only an impeachment act but also putting him under arrest.

The meaning of these phrases , once detached from its verbal garbage container, is clearly hurtling:

'On the purpose of the Sao Paulo Forum, comrade Marco Aurelio has developing an extraordinary role on consolidating what we started in 1990. That was the way that we, in january 2003, proposed to our comrade President Chávez the creation of the "Group of Friends" to find out a peaceful solution that – thanks God – happened in Venezuela. And this only possible through political acts made by 'comrades'. It was not a State's political act from one to another or from a President to another. For those who remembered, Chávez participated in one of the meetings that took place in Havana. And thanks to this relationship it was possible to build , among many political divergences, the consolidation of what happened in Venezuela, by the 'referendum' that confirmed Chávez as President of Venezuela.

This was the way we could act inside other countries with our comrades from the social movement, political parties from those countries, from the union's syndicate movement: always using the relationship built at Sao Paulo's Forum to afford us to talk about it without people seeming it as any kind of political interference'

What is implicitly admitted above is:

1) Sao Paulo's Forum is a secret entity or at least it's hidden from the public.

2) This entity actively interfere on internal affairs of many Latin American nations, taking decisions and influencing the occurrences' way outside from the government, parliament, justice or public opinion overlooking.

3) The so called "Group of Friends of Venezuela" was nothing more than an arm, a façade agency of Sao Paulo Forum.

4) After was elected in 2002, Lula da Silva, at the same time that left his duty as Sao Paulo Forum President, seeming that he was free to lead Brazil government without any compromises with foreign alliances, kept working clandestinely to the forum, helping to produce results in Venezuela´s referendum in 2004.

5) The orientation of Brazil's foreign political were not decided by Lula - President of Brazil, but Lula – president of Sao Paulo Forum.

The president confessed that submitted the country to decisions took by foreign persons in an entity whose actions must not to be known nor to be understood by the Brazilian people".

But to those that thinks it is just a misunderstood statement, Lula added new clues to his treason this week, in a meeting with Communist Party of Brazil.

Read the translation:

"Lula admitted to communists the he did not succeeded to implement big social changes defended by the Brazilian left because he is in a presidential regime that adopted a parliamentary constitution and not to have a majority on the congress. 'We are far from building the dream that we hoped for decades' added"

That meeting is the 11th Communist Party of Brazil. This party still believe in the communist revolution. This party still supporting the Workers Party government. Lula acknowledges it and thanked the party's president for his loyalty.

If Lula's still president of Sao Paulo forum – cause still adopting their decisions, and if Lula still have support from the communists, where did the "transformation" of Workers Party go? Nowhere, it was just a marketing plan that, unfortunately, worked very well.

Worker's Party, The Sao Paulo Forum and the Communists are still in the fight to recover in Latin America what was lost in Eastern Europe and Russia. And Lula da Silva is their finest agent.

So help us God.


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