Thursday, November 10, 2005

What´s behind the MSMedia explanations for French riots: Blame the West first!

Philosopher Olavo de Carvalho explains what is behind the Mainstream Media 'causes'  for the French-Muslim riots, what is behind the 'poor and young immigrants'  'victims' of 'western lack of compassion':

1- "Every western nation has an obligation to give immediately to immigrants from Asia and Africa – aside from the question if they came legal or illegally – the same living standards from the families that inherited it after centuries of hard work. If the State do not does it, is because it is racist and because capitalism is unfair intrinsically".

2 - "If Islamic or Communist countries give no rights to any foreign citizen, if they openly discriminate them or even reduce them to second class citizens, like in Iran, this is not a big deal, because western nations must be judged strictlly under absolute and unconditional moral patterns, while their adversaries must benefited by the cultural relativism".

The name of the article is 'Assimetric  Media' and was published  on Media Without Mask  website.

This time I think they are forgetting to blame president Bush. Or not? Let´s wait...


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