Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The times are getting rough

Just minutes after the last post, I received an e-mail informing that one the most famous TV's anchor in Brazil - Boris Casoy, that starred a national news show that was very critical of Federal Government - was fired by the pressure from Lula da Silva's government.

2006 is an election year and is clear that Lula's administration is very doubtful on its probability to win. People are very suspicious of his real intentions, after the all the corruption cases were disclosed last year. Their only hope is try to shut-up the opposition voices and their critics.

Lula tried the "popular democratic" way to control the press, when he aired the intention to create a kind of 'press committee' ruled by the press unions . The initiative was withdraw after the bad repercussion on the media.

But now is a question of life and death to the Sao Paulo Forum project. Evo Morales took the power in Bolivia, thanks to the Venezuelan and Cuban money and its urgent to keep Lula in the government. He is one of the Forum's foundation stone, and forum is about to achieve its goal: "to recover in Latin America what was lost in East Europe".

Until now, Lula tried to hide his original intentions, but now there's no need to disguise it. The project is in danger. So Worker's Party is doing what they used to do before: control the press by denying advertise money - the money that's the core of all TV network's budget in Brazil.

Boris Casoy, was the only person that asked directly Lula about Sao Paulo Forum in 2002, during his campaign that year.

Now that's clear: Lula dropped the mask and reveal himself as new Chavez-wannabe.

Read the article (in Portuguese) below.
source: http://www.diegocasagrande.com.br/main.php?flavor=manchetes&id=9728

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