Thursday, November 30, 2006

Brazilian press: blindness or just "wishingful thinking"?

Miriam Leitao, a famous Brazilian reporter dropped this "analysis" of post-election of Lula on the new Washington Post blog- "PostGlobal". Read this excerpt.

Amazonian & Afro-Brazilian Power - Miriam Leitao at PostGlobal
Recently in Brazil traditional forces have gained political power. President Lula won again and built a governing coalition from among the most conservative forces in the country's political spectrum

I wonder who are the supposed "conservative forces" that entered Lula's 'coalition' government..
FARC? They recently announced they support to Lula's new term.
Chávez? Lula flew to Venezuela just after the election..

"Traditional" parties in Brazil means a bunch of political parties that have one simple goal: to make all of integrants richer. It's the only field that a real capitalist can make a lot of money in Brazil. The recipe is : Support the government and profit. Elections? People in Brazil never remember who they cast their votes. But the government sure, always remembers who's for and who's against them. These politics love bribery. It has nothing to do with "conservatives".

She has to realize that what government calls "coalition" means "come on: there's money and ministry budget enough for all" while Lula still ahead of the continental silent revolution.

It is not just bad journalism. It's a fraud.

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