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The Sao Paulo Forum: From the past into the future

Brazil MSM was "suddenly" presented to the Sao Paulo Forum (Foro de Sao Paulo), in the streams of events ignited by the death of Raul Reyes, the spokenperson from Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia aka FARC by a militaty mission commanded by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

From Reyes´ notebook files , captured by Colombian forces, it was clear the involvement (better, the engagement bonds) of Venezuela, Ecuador in financing the terrorist group.

"Foro de Sao Paulo" was the name uttered by many, as the dark force behind the revolutionary left offspring in Latin America.
Many disinformation outlets, even citing the "Foro" for the first time in their pages, noticing that PT and Lula da Silva created the Foro in 1990, created another lie. Now they claim that Brazilian President is no more a participant, that he even "blamed" his former group as crazy and the only link with them is in terms of Nostalgia and humanitary efforts to release FARC´s hostages.
Nothing is more false than it.
I discovered this interesting article that uncovers the Foro from the beginning. It was written in 1992 and describe what it is and what is the goal of such group.

Here´s the main objectives of the group:

The Sao Paulo Forum and Post-Cold War Thinking in Latin America

At the invitation of Brazil's PT, in July 1990 representatives from forty-eight leftist parties, organizations, and fronts-including those mentioned above and others, among them the Cuban Communist Party--met in Sao Paulo to interchange ideas and experiences. The participants established the Sao Paulo Forum with the objective of developing unity and collective strategies and programs. The final resolution stated: "We express our joint determination to renew leftist thought, to correct erroneous conceptions, to overcome all bureaucratism and all obstacles to an authentically social and mass democracy."[1]

It seems quite rosy, huh? But what they really meant by "mass democracy"?
The leader of FMLN explained :
"The history of Eastern Europe made it crystal clear that absolute poweris an error and that people do not live on bread alone," affirms FMLNleader Joaquin Villalobos. "There is no democracy without revolution,and no revolution without democracy."

Is that clear now?
Here´s the full article

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