Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Starn Is Born: Sarah Palin

This year we have elections down there in Brazil. What a waste of time it will be.
None of the candidates express the real feelings of brazilians. They learned to be actors interested in attention of the media. The mainstream media in Brazil is lefty as is in USA.
But there are people who are not in the spotlight-follower crowd. Sarah Palin speech was one of the things that I hope someday someone could be spoke in portuguese.
It is incredible how Republicans can re-emerge themselves from ash (or do I have to say "flood"?)
Viva Palin. I don´t know what "hockey mom" means, but I am for it.
If I were an American voter, I will be proud to vote to the McCain-Palin ticket.
Let´s cut the crap. Here her speech.

Vice Presidential Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin (AK) at the RNC


Anonymous said...

She's amazing! I wis she was the Presidential nominee for the Republicans...

Anonymous said...

It's understandable that the therm "hockey mom" would puzzle anyone outside the North American culture, including those who live south of the more frigid areas of our continent where the winters are long and dark. There is a brotherhood (sisterhood?) of mothers whose kids are involved in team sports that only other members fully understand (outside of the fathers who have a semi-understanding). Sarah was speaking to them, women who raise strong sons and daughters to become responsible adults, beginning with early character development through team sports.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above is right. The term "hockey mom" is also interchangeable with "soccer mom", except hockey moms are usually found only in snowy parts of the US.

Basically they're mothers who bother to drive their sons and daughters to team sport practices, and take active interests in their child's sporting interests by going to see their games to give them their support.

It's a term liberals tend to use derisively, because such support is supposedly so uncool.