Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another crime in Rio remains seldom unnoticed

Not only Jihadist terrorists feed the violence in Rio. The average crime continue its route.
Some of them became so regular that are not noticed are big news anymore.

But this case is different because it was an attempt to silence a blogger for his political views and denounces, but remains quite "no news" in the media in Brazil.

A blogger, Ricardo Gama, was shot several times in an attempt of assassination in Rio de Janeiro in late March.
Ricardo, who is a loud critic of corruption and suspicions relations among drug smugglers and high rank politicians in the state, including the governor Sergio Cabral and Rio´s mayor.
Afterall, he is alive and returned to his youtube emissions and his blog, ricardo-gama.blogspot.com ,but his case remains quite unnoticed by the major media outlets in Brazil.

Here some links on the case:

Blogger was shot by three shots while passing through the neighborhood platter

Blogger shot in the RJ says that an attack was evidence of misplaced hospital

Blogger Ricardo Gama says that if something happens to you, is to blame Cabral

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