Monday, May 02, 2011

Obama and Osama: "Weekend at Bernie´s" spoof?

A photoshopped dead.

An old movie, a comedy called "Weekend at Bernie´s" shown a dead man (by natural causes) that some buddies pretend to be alive just to enjoy the weekend in his fabulous summer house.
This seemed to be what happened to Osama, as stated at infowars site.
Osama´s body was maintained frozen for the last 8 years.... And now is "killed" to distract the American people.

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Anonymous said...


He was killed on May 2nd. I say this because why would the military have risked the lives of SEAL Team 6, the potential for new technology to be seen by our enemies (China, specifically), and spend a good amount of time and money just to give the appearance he was killed.

I say this because too many people believe that by not seeing his photo, he was killed sometime before.