Monday, May 23, 2005

Olavo de Carvalho on Nyquist site

Brazilian philosopher Olavo has published some thoughts on the roots of new anti-americanism in Brazil.
This article is a must:
Olavo/2004/0513: "In Brazil , for example, access to the opinion of American conservatives has been banished. Their books – thousands of titles, many of them classics of political thought – are never translated and cannot be found in any university library. Their ideas are only available to public knowledge distorted as a caricature in the official communist version, created in 1971 by Soviet historian V. Nikitin in the book “The Ultras in the USA ”. It is still submissively passed on today, from generation to generation, in schools and in newspapers, by a bunch of knowing sly militants and by a multitude of useful fools who do not have the least clue as to the origin of their own opinions.

Who, raised in this environment, can suspect that there is anything wrong with the media onslaught that turns George W. Bush into a sort of right-wing Stalin?"

This is a very well executed manouvre to get total control of the press and intelectual life in Brazil. We have to choices: to be socialist and to fight against USA and the free-market and globalisation or to be against the internationalization of rainforest being against USA...

We are in a deep shit.

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