Friday, May 13, 2005

That lunatic anti-american pro-terrrorist event called "brazilian arab-latin summit"

A fantastic new article on the arab-latin summit here in Brazil this week. It is time to world to know that Lula da Silva is not "better" that Chavez, he's his buddy in the task of deceive the american president.
Here's the real thing: "Something that went unmentioned was that in the last Monday 9 Brazilian Foreign Minister delayed for one hour Chavez arrival at the Presidential House of Granja do Torto to an announced dinner with Lula and the Argentina’s President Kirchner. The delay was necessary because the latter made it clear that he doesn’t want to participate of the secret Brasilia-Caracas-Buenos Aires axis – that more secretly involves Havana too – that his intelligence services detected. To Kirchner this is a dangerous and lunatic anti-American adventure and wanted to express his concerns to Lula in a meeting between them alone."

Wake up America!!

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