Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Invisible Agent

Note: This article was published in portuguese on my portuguese blog and on MaskLess Midia site. Is the counterpart to the previous article by professor Olavo de Carvalho. Enjoy!
Translation : blame it on me.


The only “invisible hand” today is not the market´s but the new-communist´s hands that silently suffocates democracy, capitalism and liberty without being detected” (me myself)

For hundreds years, men have been attracted by some magical objects: The Holy Graal, The Philosopher´s Stone, The Ark of the Covenant.. In modern times, rocked by industrial era and the science fiction, new objects or goals were added to the list: space travel, time travel and the invisibility. Some of them were achieved: Yuri Gagarin went out of space in the fifties, time travel became reality in “Back to the Future I, II & III” and finally the invisibility is in use by the soviets since 1991.

Where did you think all those communist go ?

Excuse me for the ironic introduction to the core of my post, but I consider nowadays very difficul to speak out about the reality exactly as it is, at least here in Brazil. If you start talking about “communism”, you will be labeled immediatly as a “cold war paranoid”, a “mcarthyst”. “Do you believe communist eat children too?” was one of phrases I heard in reply of my points. The worst is that people I am talking about were not socialists, communists or social-democrats. They were libertarian people, who share the same view in economic terms. They believe and support democratic capitalistic system and economic freedom as the keys to achieve wealth and prosperity in the world.

This post, before being misread, has one single point: to try to explain what is going on today in a ludic way. It seems that reality itself has become “demodeé” (as french says) in Brazil. People here believe firmly that communism has faded away since the Berlin Wall fall and simply vanished totally after the events of Russia in 1991.

They don´t understand what was informed by books and authors like Anatolyi Golitsyn (“New Lies For Old” and “Perestroika Deception”), Nyquist, Olavo de Carvalho e and many others. It seems that my generation in Brazil – and I am afraid the rest of the world - has degraded into a level that the clear understanding of things is only possible if you talk to them as you do to children. So here I go.

The submersion of communist until they nearly disappeared from the surface of earth (but not from the underground) was a dissimulation in fact. It was like they had discovered the “evanescent ink”. Do you remember those old “Tom and Jerry” classic episodes, don´t you? In many of them,. Jerry used “evanescent ink” to achieve total invisibility and to drive Tom mad. Jerry punched, beated the big bulldog during its sleep and it always thinks that´s Tom. Poor Thomas, always been knocked out without knowing the reason.

Here is the parallel: our new-communist, using the powers of the “evanescent ink”, are creating the chaos inside the democratic societies. And they do exactly as Jerry´s : they rush against each “minority” group of our society and incite them against each other. Black people, women, homosexuals, indians and many others are called to the “fight”. Even muslims are incited to fight too. So, while all society is submerging into an open struggle for their mandatory “rights”, our communist are happily celebrating their achievements.

This is the reality that we are trying to unfold but our “heros”, debating over free market and capitalism, pretend that we live in a free world. They just refuse to believe in things that go against their creed. It´s a kind of thinking exactly the opposite of the leftist that thinks socialism will win, no matter how log it would take. They think the democratic new-liberalism has won – as Fukuyama stated on that infamous paper from the early 90´s – and those countries that hasn´t embrace it yet must be one of them , no matter how long it will take. It´s just a question of time. They proceed debating the outlines of ideal government under free-market rule. Entertained by these issues they don´t care about it until the day the roaring and rioting sound from the street outside impede them to go on.

Too late our “incredibles” hero-type will realize that instead of a free world , where the realization of human being depends on the individuals themselves, the ones that will be kicking at their front door will not be the “invisible hands” of the market, but the hands of new-comunist managing people as puppets with their slogans. At this time the puppets will find their “real enemy”: those who defend free market, democracy and the “opression” of capitalism – themselves.
But there´s no communism. Blame it on the “evanescent ink”.

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