Wednesday, July 20, 2005

MS vs Google on the gold rush to China: treason??

Both Google and MS had changed its services and applications to meet Chinese regulamentation: no forbidden searchs, no forbidden words. They are full supporters of an undemocratic and predatoty communist government. Are they traitors?
They fit exactly what is called "metacapitalists": tired of the un-balance from the free market, they need a totalitarian big government to keep their market-share intact, away from the rules of the same market that created their profit and wealth.

They are supporters of a new kind of communism. A capitalist-like communism where the west give money while east give bombs & terrorism back.


BBC NEWS | Business | Microsoft sues Google over search:
"Microsoft sues Google over search

China's fast-growing internet market is attracting interest
Microsoft has sued Google for hiring one of its vice presidents to set up a research centre in China.

Google has more than 20% of the Chinese search market and the country is a new battleground for the two firms, which offer online and desktop search tools."


Anonymous said...

Holy Fucking God! They're just totally fit to the capitalism! They're competing for new profitable markets, whatever they are. It is all about business (=money), nothing more, nothing less.


Remember: "There is nothing less conservative than capitalism, so itchy for the new." Garry Wills

Unknown said...

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