Thursday, July 07, 2005

Olavo X "O Globo" : repercussions I

I've just received this message from Jeffrey Nyquist and I am sharing with you.

If it is possible, please tell Olavo that all those who write about the hidden hand of revolutionary socialism are in trouble. The world has descended into a kind of psychosis. It affects the so-called American conservatives as well as the liberals. The deceptive propaganda and manueverings of an ambitious totalitarian spirit now takes center stage. It advances without being discovered, as everyone is now accustomed to accepting a carefully constructed set of lies. One set of lies has been fashioned for the Right. Another set of lies has been fashioned for the left. Everyone who matters is deceived. All who are not deceived are swept aside. There is nothing left to do but wait and watch as the forces of destruction prepare the final operation. The reduction of the United States as a leading military and economic power is the main objective, leaving all other objectives open to coercion and manipulation. The world must be turned against America, and this is happening before our very eyes." - Jeffrey Nyquist

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