Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Хиросима, моя любовь (Hiroshima, my love)

At the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima / Nagasaki bombings the same questions came out over and over:
"Did the atomic bombs really need to be dropped?"

I think it is a very misleading question. It follows the internatinal standard of "Blame America First", the world-wide anti-American campaign.
I know that the bombings were some of the most terrifying events in the human history, but it is time not only to remember it but to understand the root causes of those events.
And it lead directly to Pearl Harbor, the "day of infamy".

I have searched through this wonder tool called "google print" where you can take a look and search inside a huge library of copyrighted books. Amazon has a good tool to "search inside". I´ve used both. I´ve done some research about the chain of events that led to the Pacific War and found out stunning evidence of the action of the "invisible agent" again.

Yes, according to the breakthrough information leaked from "Venona Project" and the files from Moscow during the 90´s, is now clear that the level of influence of Soviet agents and American communists on the high levels of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Government office was deeper and larger than ever thought. Senator McCarthy was very humble in his indications in the 50´s : more than tree hundred agents names were found in the decodified messages from Venona. It was confirmed by Moscow Files.

The information is so relevant that I decided to create a new blog, only focused on these excerpts. The blog is named "Simply The Truth"

Here what I discovered about Pearl Harbor: one agent, named Harry Dexter White received the outlines of the infamous "Ten Point Plan" from Soviet intelligence. This draft had turned into the document America gave to Japan. It made Japan to decided to go to war against America. Soviets were glad: Japan will not attack them anymore.
Other interesting point is that URSS knew exactly the route, time, hour that Japan ha planned to attack Pearl Harbor. Even a Soviet freighter ship crossed the Japanese in the middle of the Pacific. But the "allies" never warned America.
Read it here: "...a day which will live in infamy.." might have been avoided by President Roosevelt 'allies' in the Kremlin.

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