Thursday, December 22, 2005

Finally is official: BBC news banned the word "terrorist"

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After many back-and-forths on the subject, British BBC news officially banned the word "terrorist" from its dictionary.

This news was informed by Argentinian Clarin Digital. According to it the motivation behind is "because (the use of the word 'terrorist') could put a barrier in the place of help".

The newtork news suggested the use of the terms "bomber" or "offender" instead of Terrorist.

For those who got along the news on terrorism offered by BBC must reminded that this issue deserved many reviews on media watch sites all over the world.

The terrorist attacks in London this year caused a commotion on BBC. They first edited out the word from its coverage.

Then - in a sudden glimpse of rationality - they used the term again (" BBC calls terrorism terrorism").

But now it seems final.

We must congratule BBC to achieved something that even GWB couldn´t do over the last four years: BBC has defeated 'terrorism'!!!
And did it only by means of a press-release!!
And there´s people that criticize Political Correctness on news.

It seems that the better way to solve a problem is to deny its existence. But as we are on a Xmas eve, I suggest that - if it couldn´t solve this - they can put it into the Santa´s wishlist.

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