Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A message from Venezuela: The real Bolivarian totalitarian revolution

I just received this message that I want to share with the world!
There's a link with photos about the actual status of the so called "bolivarian revolution" in Venezuela.

"We want the world to see what really goes on in Venezuela behind this facade of Democracy.
We want the world to know that 85% did not vote
We want the world to know that this failed revolution has only a 15% popular base
We want the media to listen, we have been sending SOS to the world for 4 years, and the liberal media does nothing.
We want CNN to tell the truth
We want The New York Times and Forero to tell the truth
We want real ellections
We want a New impartial Supreme Court
We want an impartial Ministry of exterior Affairs
We want real Venezuelan Diplomats, not importers of communism and hate
We want new Electoral Authorities not linked with the dictator
We want manual count of votes
We want a democracy not a leftist dictatorship.
We want real freedom of speech
We want our political prisoners free.
We want the political apartheid to stop
We want the world to help us
We want Human rights organizations to help us
We want this criminals to pay for their hate, and political crimes.
We want government officials to step out and explain the millions of dollars expent in REAL STATE in USA
We want work
We want FOOD
We want HOUSING 
We want PEACE
We want a real DEMOCRACY!
We want the oil money to be used here not abroad.
We want CITGO back it does not belong to Chavez
WE WAN IT NOW! not after a civil war".
 Warning: shocking photos


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