Monday, April 03, 2006

Lula´s former economy minister - Palocci - personally ordered the breaking of the bank secrecy

The things became to turn clearer about how the "ethics party" - Workers party - acted when in the shadows.
Palocci, is proven now, personally ordered Francenildo´s bank account secrecy breaking.

Palocci, that in his final letter to the government claimed that "never had participated, or demanded, or operational participation, in anything related to the bank account secrecy breaking of anyone..", has got with his pants off - literally.

It is known that he even lied to the President. And it seemed that was this particular lying that made him out of the government.
Until the day of his firing, he had lied before a Parliament Special Comittee, to the press and to the people. This series of lies did not move the president to decide to fire him.

This is the real status of this "ethical" government from Worker´s Party.

Here is the new developments of Palocci´s affair: He will be investigated by the Federal Police and be charged of two or three different crimes.
The results? Until all the links of this government with Fidel, Foro de Sao Paulo and Chavez do not fully arise to the public opinion, any measures like Palocci´s firing will be something as "sacrificial goat" to keep their plans on the run.
Here the news - in portuguese:
VEJA on-line: Federal Police will charge Palocci"Two witnesses confirm the order to break the bank secrecy.
03 de Abril de 2006

Federal Polic must put Palocci (former economy minister) in charge of the house caretaker Francenildo Costa´s bank secrecy breaking, that accuses Palocci of being on of the most frequent guest of the so-called "Ribeirao Preto´s Republic House" with his acessors charged of corruption.Palocci may have to answer to three different crimes."

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