Thursday, December 07, 2006

Venezuela stood still ... Before suicide

I don´t believe what happened.
Venezuela was the last glimpse of democracy in LA, in my opinion, because has a real opposition.
I believe all the polls were a fraud. I believe Rosales could win.Chavez only by cheating, as he did in the past.
I believe that such thing happened - Chavez victory - the opposition united would started to show what happened to all the world.
Rosales "conceded" earlier than Kerry in 2004 against Bush.
I want to know: if there was fraud it could not be such thing as "concede". Look what is going on in Mexico: To the left - even when they lost a real democratic elections- they pretend that it was robbed.
If there was fraud in Venezuela, opposition never could conceded. Where there is fraud there´s no democracy at all thus not reasons to do such thing.

If the elections were democratic in Venezuela so all the analysis from the opposition and dozens of sites were failed. Only for this motiv, could be a reason to think that opposition lost another round in the democracy game.

But it means that there´s no such thing as the Foro de Sao Paulo, that all countries in LA are stepping the gas towards a troglodite lefty model all by theirselves with no help from nobody.
FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) acclaimed the Lula victory as just Britney Spears fans - that love to watch her videos- do : only as interested spectators of the show.
Lula helped Chavez just a friend, nothing to do with the Foro...

To believe this is to believe in Fairy Tales that tells that no matter how worst the things may become, everything is going to be all right, in the end. If it is not ok it is just because we are not in the "end" yet.

It sounds totally Darwinist: there´ll be an evolution, and when it occurs all will solved...

I don´t believe in evolution, in fact I believe in devolution: Nothing is worse that cannot be worser.

Rosales could not consider Chavez a fair competitor. It sound as a joke. There´s no democracy to hope in the future..

Latin America right now remembers me an old song that I used to hear when was in my twenties, that said: "No Future.. No Future for you..!" (Sex Pistols - "Anarchy for the UK").

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Asha Nair said...

After 3 days i got 3 convinctios:

1. rosales gano elecciones
2. rosales "entrego" la victoria
a. por grave amenaza (el hipotetico sequestro de familia)
b. amenaza de bano de sangre
c. por miedo y calculo/barato politico, reconocimiento como oposicion, reeleccion de AN, etc etc

Si fue 1 o 2, tiene que salir pronto a la luz, y se mobilita venezuela
Si fue 3 es un comeflor: el debia saber que le hacian una propuesta, y si lo sabia ante, hizo todo a las espaldas de sus electores, tambien es imposible publicizar un arreglo politico de esta raza.

de verdad no se....