Saturday, March 31, 2007

Primavera Negra in Cuba

Four years ago Castro´s regime put 75 journalists in prison. Their crimes? To write. The penalties vary from 14 up to 25 years.
It was the fall of the bright side of the regime.
That time many voices were heard - included some of Castro´s supporters - against this ugly act. But now, four years ago, the record of such atrocity seemed to disappeared from the public opinion, while the rumours on the Castro´s (or Kasstro "El Coma Andante") health spread through the news.
But what happened to those 75 journalists?

I joined a circle of bloggers that do not want that "Black Spring" memories to vanish.
Here´s the Club Primavera TV!
Let´s make the world remember them.

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1 comment:

leftside said...

Either you are uninformed or you purposefully distorted this case.

These “political prisoners” are nothing of the sort. All 75 were paid agents of the US Government, carrying out a "plan for transformation." In the US we jail even unpaid agents of our enemies (Carlos and Elsa Alvarez a couple weeks ago comes to mind). All 75 knew they were breaking the law, which was enacted only after US legislation authorized the payment of Cubans as part of our regime change plans there. Were Cubans supposed to sit around while these so-called journalists got rich by peddling lies and half-truths in US government sponsored websites that get picked up around the world as fact (BTW none were actual journalists)? Was Cuba supposed to allow the US created fiction of “independent librarians” to flourish just because the US had loads of cash and materials to spread around? If the US would leave Cuba alone, Cuba would not have to create laws like these. There are plenty of critics of the Revolution not in jail. Why? Because they do not deal with the US Government.