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"Drought Law" in Venezuela: The History repeat itself as a joke?

A friend of mine sent me this article from Noel Valderrama from Venezuelan newspaper "El Tiempo". Valderrama is skeptical towards the new regulamentation from the "Bolivarian" Republic of Venezuela (or to be quick - "Fidelito") to avoid car crashes during the Holy Week: to prohibit the sales and consuptiom of Alcohol in Venezuela...

Valderrama stated:

Éstas, las prohibiciones del gobierno, siempre ocurren porque su incapacidad para resolver los problemas lo lleva a reducir la libertad de sus ciudadanos.

Es por eso que vemos que está prohibido sacar los dólares sin pasar por un riguroso control del gobierno, porque simplemente no pueden mantener una economía estable; está prohibida la empresa privada, porque no pueden competir contra ella; y, está prohibido expender alcohol en Semana Santa, porque no pueden controlar a los conductores ni hacer cumplir la ley de Tránsito Terrestre.

Así es este gobierno, cuando no puede controlar algo, simplemente lo prohibe; en algún momento se dará cuenta que no puede controlar que la gente se muera y entonces prohibirán el concebir hijos, para evitar que estos terminen muriéndose mas adelante.


Yes, to solve a problem the solution is to ban all possibilities that it could succeed. If the government woul try to prohibit the "causes" to avoid the consequences, it must prohibit people to have children...

Ok, many will use this opinion to criticize my position anti-drug liberation (marijuana, cocaine /&/amp; others). They will blame that alcohol is deadlier than all of these.
But there`s is an enormous difference between alcohol and other drugs.
Let me point out.

1) Alcohol is something that is embedded through the culture and history: All cultures use alcohol. The maluse of it has been warned since the first times, so there´s a "social" acceptance of the use of alcohol, but it is not an acceptance of becoming drunk. That´s the real difference. A drunk person is a person that is avoided by all other persons. Finally: culture could induce to the use of alcohol? Yes, but this very society blame the ones that could not handle it. In Brazil were I lived, it was common to give children a cup of wine with sugar and water, as a grape juice (due for the italian immigration on the area).. I took it several times when I was a kid. I have no problems with drinking..
2) Prohibited drugs don´t allow you the control of the situation: when you use non-licit drugs you are not allowed to keep control over yourself. Even marijuana. That´s tottally differente from alcohol. Using prohibited drugs is like getting drunk everytime you drink alcohol. That is an enormous difference.

Happy holy week.

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