Friday, June 16, 2006

MLST: Example of a State-sponsored saboteurs

Last week when a revolutionary movement called MLST - Landless Liberation Movement - invaded and looted Brazilian Congress (as you saw here), the "common sense" (Brazilian common sense is everything but a real "common sense") it was that they were a group of fanatical radicals, and exception. A Brancaleone Army, indeed.
But the reality goes deeply further: this revolutionary group received money - thousand of brazilian reals, exactly 5.7 millions of brazilian reals last year (link to a portuguese article here)

What we are facing is the real State-sponsored revolution. The goal? Simple.
To show to people that only Lula da Silva can control such radicals and if he won't get re-elected this year, they can fire-up the country!!!

Another round: All involved in the destruction in the congress were arrested - and they claimed now they are being treated like were in a "concentration camp" by the police.

While a bunch of revolutionary supporters (like this) of these "movements" publish their hate pages claiming that the Landless Movement is trying to get "criminalized" by the media and must be freed immediatly..
It's doublethink in its peak..

But nothing matters anyway. We are under the "Soccer World Cup" kingdom, where all that matters is Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Kaka..

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