Thursday, July 20, 2006

Brazil: 'Stockholm Syndrome' symptons a-plenty

"Stockholm Syndrome" or "Helsinki Syndrome" is described as a mental disturb that affects long-term kidnapping victims. The main sympton is that the hostages starts to like or even love their hostage-takers.

Brazil, the biggest open-for-research Gramscian societie´s take-over experience in the world, is presenting new types of this symptology on a day-by-day basis. It is a sign of how dettached from reality we are these days.

These two news represent it so well that headlines speak themselves.

The Armie´s Superior War School invited Landless Worker leader to speak
"'One of the main feature of this school is to hear all political positions', according to school´s commander, Army General José Benedito Barros Moreira, who invited João Pedro Stedile (Workless Workers Movement - MST) to join on the 'Second Gather with College' event. At the end of the speech, general declared his support to much all that Stedile said..."

The other is the information that the leader of last month's vandalisms acts - Bruno Maranhão - former Worker Party integrant and leader of a so-called Liberation of Landless Workers Movement (or MLST) - see video here - was freed from jail. There's an article here:

"Federal Government has inteferred to release Bruno Maranhão -leader of MLST - from prison.
Judge Ricardo Augusto Soares Leite, has released 32 militants last friday. These militants from the Liberarion Landless Workers Movement (MLST) were the responsables of the invasion and looting of the National Congress. The decision benefitted the enginerr Bruno Maranhao, the leader, and surprised federal prosecutors in charge of the case.
Bruno declared that he is going to work for Lula da Silva re-election in October".

Olavo de Carvalho has gone into the core of the judge 's decision in his last article

"The judge Ricardo Augusto Soares Leite, alleged that the destruction at Federal Congress was not the militants' fault but Congress', that did not avoid the attack on time.

By his twisted logic, if I publish that I am going to visit him and he not contract some security as soon as posible to protect his vacuum head, I will have the right to break his head with a stick/bate without being judicially charged for this. He's lucky. There's nothing inside his braib that worth it."

I have claimed that Brazil - as a society and a country at all - has finished.
My present job is to take some pictures that prove the accuracy of this for all of you.

Is not a good job. Brazil's corpse smells very bad...

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