Friday, July 14, 2006

Everytime opposition poll rates gets high... Bandits attack!!

A burnt bus is seen during the dawn hours of Thursday July 13, 2006 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A wave of 71 attacks on police and civilians left at least six people dead in Sao Paulo and authorities said they thought the strikes were ordered by one of Brazil's most notorious organized crime groups. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)

This week, days after a new poll on this year´s presidential election - that showed an impressive recovery on Alckim´s numbers - "Primeiro Comando da Capital" aka PCC stroke back again!!
It is becoming clear to opposition the absolute relation between Sao Paulo´s crime wave- PCC and PT.
Sao Paulo is the home of opposition candidate, Geraldo Alckmin.

According to last Lula´s baloney: (on Guardian Unlimited )
"We are not dealing with common criminals; it's a crime industry."
Imagine who´s planning to get electoral profit from it?

In Miami Herald we can read:
"It is easier for citizens to blame the situation on Alckmin. After all, these waves of violence are taking place only in Sao Paulo, Alckmin's political home. The rest of Brazil is dealing with their own regular problems, but not with criminal waves,'' said Alexandre Barros, a Brasilia-based analyst."
Am I supposing that PT and PCC has a deal to spoil Alckmin´s campaign?
And - finally - opposition started to open its eyes. This was not published on foreign media (alas, how the big mainstream media likes to protect Lula) and show that oppositin leaders spoke out about the strange liasons between PT (Lulas leftist party) and Crime Gangsters.

Everyone knows the liasons between PT and Landless Movement, PT and FARC (via "Sao Paulo Forum"), they received money from Cuba to elections, PT has strange connections with death of two mayors from the party, PT´s components (Lula´s friends) has been charged by Federal Prosecuter for corruption.

By this ,the final sentence from Lula - on a re-election event - could have another, bleaker, meaning:

"In our next government," Silva said Thursday, "we will correct what we did wrong and expand on what we did right."

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