Monday, July 17, 2006

Fake news: Lula "never was a leftist"

Lula launched his reelection campaign doing what he does best: Travelling and lying.
He went to St. Petersburg - playing the role of "Developing Countries" Leader.
And gave an interview to Reuters, explained his plans for a second term.
The most importante excerpt of the interview was this

Brazil's Lula to keep econ policy if re-elected |
"There is no reason to change; there are things to perfect. We want to reduce interest rates, we want to grow a little more, generate more jobs," said Lula in the presidential palace in Brasilia.

"I never was a leftist,"
he said, even though for decades he advocated suspending foreign debt payments and breaking with the International Monetary Fund.
Lula could not even convinced the press about his statement as "non-leftist" leader.

This interview, the trip, and all that relates to Lula now on must be seen as theatrical performance to gain the elections.

Lula is a president that never really ruled our country. In 1900 days as President he stayed out of office about 980 days. And when he was in the office it was just like he didn´t. He is the perfect awol President!!!

His present talk of not being a leftist is just baloney.
Again, it is just a product to foreign consumption (specially US).
Lula is anti-american, pro-cuban, pro-bolivarian (pro-Chavez) and pro-Evo (even against his own motherland).
He is doing the same as Castro (deceased??) did when he declared before United Nations that he was not communist.
It seems that Lula is trying to say that "I never was a leftist as my government is".

Lula is again proving his role inside the Sao Paulo Forum arrangement:To be a kind of North-American-lexotan-on-Latin-American-issues, an appeaser bogus made to calm down the world, while Chavez, Castro, Evo and Obrador do what is their primary job: To create chaos inside Latin America.
Chaos is the perfect snake-egg to a totalitarian rule, as we saw many times in the past.

Lula does his part as loud as he can. He´s an actor, but he does not stages for money, he stages just for our own 'good'.

I´ve read Oscar Wilde in the youth and remember one of his old sayings that 'one must turn one´s life into an artwork'.
Lula has made his life an artwork, but it seems to be a kind of a cubist portrait of Brazil instead of a real one, to us.
"A Study in Red" in fact.

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