Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brazil: The End of Transition

Lula da Silva, the friend of Mr. Ahmajinehad and Chávez; The founder of the new Comintern (Foro de Sao Paulo) along with old & new comunist/terrorist groups like FARC, at the end of his second term, decided to step on the gas in his real objectives.

He signed a plan called "Third National Plan for Human Rights", that despite its naive title means: to transform all terrorist-now-in-power in "heroes" while the military that defeated them in the sixties in "villains".
But there more: the promotion of abortion as a "human right" among other things.
Read the Olavo de Carvalho´s article, translated below.

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The Third National Plan for Human Rights has two major goals: (1) inhibit or suppress, through fear of legal sanctions, all resistance to the terrorism of the left, past, present or future, (2) deliver the revolutionary organizations, euphemistically called " social movements ", the total power on the farm in Brazil.
The two goals are different only in appearance. The first establishes the right to communist terrorism, the second is those who practice in rural judges of their own sovereign acts.

The first sense of purpose is not limited, of course, the purely symbolic gesture to send nonagenarians to jail (although there it has its usefulness, the psychological point of view). It aims to enshrine as a legal rule of "asymmetrical warfare", where one side gets all the rights and the other with all the obligations, responsibilities and obligations.

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