Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Heitor de Paola´s Blog: Hugo Chávez, Now Against All

My friend Heitor de Paola, one of most reliable sources on LA, published this article in his blog.
Here´s the translation to english.

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Hugo Chávez, now against all


The management (if you can call it that) government of Hugo Chávez has left Venezuela plunged into the greatest chaos. Water rationing galloping inflation and electricity shortages lack of press freedom and social polarization of opinion extreme violence and insecurity as elsewhere in Latin America and a noticeable drop in living standards of everyone, without exception now.

These harsh circumstances, as sooner or later going to happen, have almost terminally discredited the Caribbean.  A point such that recent opinion polls reveal a solid 62% of Venezuelans who do not trust him. That does not believe him then.  That is sick of him.  What, suddenly, clearly shows what we all suspected: a prodigal Chavez (with the money of others) for ideological reasons, whose total lack of fitness to govern is absolutely undeniable.

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