Friday, September 01, 2006

Christian Militia force Muslims to conversion by eating pork

It was predictable. It is what I call a "proportional reaction".
Will they start to hijack camels and drive them against Mosques?
Or will they video-tape women in bathing suits to Al-jazeera?

No, this is serious. We - christians - cannot use this same nasty "techniques".
These guys are crazy.

This is the full article from Paxety Pages | Showing totalitarians the respect they deserve
"According to authorities in Phenix City, Alabama, a militia group identifying itself as the Christian Retribution Organization of the World (CROW) announced that they had kidnapped a Muslim individual off the streets of Phenix City and were holding him in an undisclosed location pending his forced conversion to Christianity. According to CROW’s demands, they wanted all Muslims living in Alabama to profess their loyalty to America by eating pork, and to demonstrate their allegiance to Western Christian culture by singing a chorus of "Onward Christian Soldiers."


Vilmar said...

You gotta love good satire!!!

Mark Richeson said...

I do not believe that this story is true.

Mark Richeson said...

I can see now that you were presenting the humor. I had a good laugh reading it. A Mexican with a head wound suffering from overindulgence.

Anonymous said...

kudos every christian dreamt of something like this in some point of his life!!!

Anonymous said...

kudos baby...every xian must have dreamt something like this in his dreams..its a pity he cant do it in reality ...soo pathetic!!!