Sunday, September 10, 2006

Gilberto Simões Pires- a web journalist - in his electronic letter called "PONTOCRITICO.COM - Ano 5" (critic point) revealed details on the behavior of our president - the candidate of reelection with more than 50% in the recent voting polls - after some whiskey doses. Larry Rohter - the New York Times reporter that became famous here because of his article on drinking "skills" of our president - was really right!

This is the preferred candidate of Brazilians...

It was pusblished in 06/09/2006 (on the eve of Brazil's Independence Day)

A SCHOCKING NOTE - from Caio Rossi (Folha de Sao Paulo famous reporter)
A schocking note is rolling on the internet frenetically. /it was extracted from the nwespaper "Folha de São Paulo" - columnist Caio Rossi's article and explains quite well who is ou president and how he behaves when in small groups. Alas, is in these moments that you can see what is really authentic and the real personallity of the people.

This is the content of the article - in full:
"The 'peace-and-love little Lula', this smart character constructed by the political marketing, vanishes away from the third to the fourth whiskey dose and turns out into a waterfall of harsh words and offences to allied presidents and countries. This what is revealed by Eduardo Scolese and Leonencio Nossa, two reporters that cover the news from Planalto Palace to - repsectively - Folha de São Paulo and 'O Estado de São Paulo', in the book: 'President's Trips: two reporters looking for Lula from Planalto to Abroad'.

Scolelese and Nossa tell about a dinner on Brazil's embassy in Tokyo, at the end of may, 2005, where were 20 people, all Brazilians, in which, after three whiskey doses and with a fourth in the middle, our president said things like that:

  • There are times, my dears, that I want to send Kirchner back to his fucking mother (a la puta que te pario - in spanish)
  • That man there (referring to Jorge Battle, Uruguay's President) is not a fucking Uruguayan. That man was raised in the US. He's an american pet.
  • Chile is a shit . Chile is a joke. They made their deals with the americans. They want us to fuck ourselves right here. They are 'shiting' to us (NOTE: means "They don't give a damn to us')
And the local farmers had their share too:

  • It must to stop with these fucking farmers that come every hour to ask goverment some money.


Mel Gibson received a lot of disapproval responses on his drunk & harsh word episode. He apologized in public for this. If it is required to a Hollywood actor, at least to restore the confidence from his public, someone would imagine that Lula must do the same. Error.
He will not apologize, as he declared himself as a man 'without sins'. And he is atop of the polls, he do not need to look 'peace and love' anymore.

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Gosh Luis!

Lulu said those things? These are the words of an ignorant man. How does one so ignorant become president? Perhaps I should have not studied so hard.

Hey Lulu! Did you go to school stupid?

Oh...I'm sorry Lulu. You say you came back the same way.

However, people of Brazil! Stop listening to Lulu and start listening to Luis right here.

Tomas Estrada-Palma