Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poll Numbers on Iraq You Haven't Seen

I have just received this. I found out very interesting to spread the word.


Kurds Grateful for U.S. Support

A delegation of Iraqi Kurdish officials is currently traveling through the United States right now. The mission is to build upon the great friendship between the Kurdish people and the United States of America.

Most specifically, the people of Iraqi Kurdistan wish to invite American businesses to come and help invest in the rebuilding of Kurdistan. It's a win for the people of Iraqi Kurdistan to have help in building a brighter future, and it's a win for American businesses seeking promising new opportunities.

We have launched an advertising campaign called "The Other Iraq" because there is a story to be told about Iraqi Kurdistan that most Americans have not heard. We hope you've taken a moment to watch not just our television ads - but the documentaries that tell the full story at http://www.TheOtherIraq.com

In fact, a poll taken earlier this year provided results that will likely surprise you. We hope you will review these results, and share them with others. And if possible, we'd like to hear from you about your feedback on our public relations campaign for "The Other Iraq" in the U.S.

If you, or someone you know of, can help play a role in the rebuilding of our region's future, or wish to learn more information on investment or business opportunities, please email us at info@theotheriraq.com

The following poll was conducted by WorldPublicOpinion.org and their Program on International Policy Attitudes. The poll was fielded by KA Research Limited/D3 Systems and was conducted among 1,150 Iraqis. The views of Iraqi Kurds in particular are highlighted below

>>> Thinking about any hardships you might have suffered since the US-Britain invasion, do you personally think that ousting Saddam Hussein was worth it or not?

Iraqi Kurds: 91% said it was WORTH IT.

>>> Do you think that Iraq today is generally headed in the right direction or the wrong direction?

Iraqi Kurds: 76% said RIGHT DIRECTION.

>>> Do you think that the government to be established by the newly-elected parliament will or will not be the legitimate representative of the Iraqi people?

Iraqi Kurds: 81% said WILL BE.

Despite a "negative" bias in some of the questions, Iraqi Kurds remained optimistic and resolute in supporting a better future for their country and their people and resisted attempts to "bash" the United States.

>>> It is offensive to me to have foreign forces in my country?

Iraqi Kurds: 0% said it was offensive.

>>> Do you approve of the U.S. being involved in Iraq - assisting with the economic development of Iraq?

Iraqi Kurds: 87% APPROVE of U.S. involvement.

>>> Do you approve of the U.S. being involved in Iraq - assisting with the development of Iraq's oil industry?

Iraqi Kurds: 87% APPROVE of U.S. involvement.

>>> Do you approve of the U.S. being involved in Iraq - training Iraqi security forces?

Iraqi Kurds: 96% APPROVE of U.S. involvement

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