Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Carlos Alberto Montaner on Cuba

ForeignPolicy is a magazine and website dedicated to what its name stands for: Foreing Politics.
I've jus received this article from Montaner on Cuba.

Was Fidel Good for Cuba? A Debate Between Carlos Alberto Montaner & Ignacio Ramonet
Communism Has Failed Cuba

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

After nearly 50 years of suffering under Fidel Castro’s regime, Cubans can now realistically prepare for life after El Comandante. As of this writing, the 80yearold Castro is very ill, if not completely incapacitated. When he dies, will the communist regime he created back in 1959 survive? Or will the country be transformed into a pluralist democracy, equipped with a marketbased economic system and the existence of private property, as was the case with almost all of the communist Eastern Bloc dictatorships after the fall of the Soviet Union?

I predict the latter. In the Americas, at the turn of the 21st century, a dictatorship where human rights are not respected, which has more than 300 political prisoners—including 48 young people for collecting signatures for a referendum, 23 journalists for writing articles about the regime, and 18 librarians for loaning forbidden books—cannot be sustained. Fidel Castro’s death will be the starting point for a series of political and economic changes similar to those that occurred in Europe

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