Thursday, January 11, 2007

People Vs Cicarelli

Brazilian Top (?) model Daniela Cicarelli and her boyfriend were caught on video making love on a beach in Spain.
The video was spread by the brazilians users of you tube.
Cicarelli drew a lawsuit against all media outlets that published the video -- alleging protection for her "privacy" (de-privacy?).
A brainless judge ordered to block you tube in all Brazilian territory until that polemic video were withdrawn.
Some internet providers effectivelly blocked you tube signal to all their users.

This kind of lunacy only could happen here. A country that lost any sign of common sense in all senses.
But the response came quickly: many internet users and you tube addicted created various websites promoting a boycott on Cicarelli.

For those who does not know, Daniela Cicarelli was the former wife of Ronaldo Nazario - the "phenomena" - the brazilian soccer player.

After two days, another judicial stance withdrew the ban, but the anger from the public towards Cicarelli continued.

My points
If Cicarelli and her boyfriend wanted privacy they must not engaged in sex in a public place. If the place was empty or not it is another question. If they got caught by Google Earth, would they try to banish the application from all computers in Brazil???
After all, the brainless/horny couple could do whatever strike their fancies, but to censor a whole site is ridiculous. Ridiculous and "banana republic" fashion was the judicial system to accept it: they shredded the constitutional rights of information just to satisfy the naughty couple.
In deep, they created a excuse for censorship in Brazil.
But they act just like many high ranked politicians here, that pay for sex in expensive orgies fueled by public money but don´t want that these stories to emerge.
It is a short sample of how deep is the cut from reality in Brazil.

People could win this time, but it will be a short victory. When the government starts its Federal "popular control of the means of the communication" will not be the Cicarelli´s videos that will be banned but the content that makes you tube so amazing: videos from Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia showing the real terror of what they call "socialism".
What will be left for us? Sex, Carnival and Soccer, of course. And maybe more "Cicarellis"

Cicarelli and her boyfriend

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Anonymous said...

All in all, it sounds like a weak form of government censorship because the two famous actors wanted preferential treatment (like they do in the US.) For a parody of this situation, I suggest you check out Chappelle's Show, Season 2, where he does the "Special Episode of Law and Order" which I think potrays accurately how the CEOs who've committed fraud and the celebrities here are treated in comparison to us "normal" people.