Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Heritage X Sao Paulo Forum

Sao Paulo forum is news! Finally!

Everywhere, but Brazil... Brazilian people are being blinded by the media that :

a) Such organization does not exist (during last 10 years they shouted it)

b) Yes, it exists, but is just a debate forum (since 2005 and the XI edtion in Brazil that was kicked-off by Lula himself)

Here's another proof:

China's newspaper covering decisions on the 4th day of the forum. Yes, it was predictable that Foro Boys will endorse One-China policy, but what call my attention was this excerpt

At the four-day forum, the representatives discussed the integration of the Latin American and Caribbean region and maintained that the "primary goal" of the new integration pattern was to "seek well-being and dignity for Latin American countries and people."


It's a fallacy! I just commented that Foro Index of Economic Freedom, based on Heritage "Index of Economic Freedom" showed what drives LA and other leftist regimes to fail: the lack of economic freedom!
Here's the customized Foro de Sao Paulo Economic Freedom Index.
  1. Uruguai (33)
  2. Nicarágua (61)
  3. Brazil (70)
  4. Argentina (95)
  5. Equador (108)
  6. Bolívia (111)
  7. Venezuela (144)
  8. Cuba (156)
Are they interested in "seek well-being and dignity"?
Give freedom the their people! It is simple.

China, for example, is a puzzle. They achieved the world's largest development rate in the recent years. What can China teach to her Foro friends? Economic Freedom, of course, maintaining her communism intact.
But not.
China came to Foro to "talk" on one-China policy...
It is obvious that China came here to see the recent developments of Latin America revolution...

Thanks to new zeal

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