Saturday, January 20, 2007

US democracy in danger

It was Olavo de Carvalho that told my about this project of law on his radio show.
Now I found it on now public.

outfit called is reporting that the U.S. Senate
is considering legislation that would require political bloggers with
readership over 500 to register as lobbyists. If they fail to register,
they could face criminal penalties up to one year in jail.


I went to GrassrootsFreedom and found more:

In the first few days of the new session of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and big Washington insiders such as Public Citizen and Common Cause will try to silence critics by regulating us through quarterly reports to Congress. Failure to report would result in civil and potential criminal penalties.


But - thanks God - it seems that this menace is over. Read here.

“The 55 – 43 vote in the United States Senate to approve the Bennett Amendment to strip the grassroots provisions from the lobbying reform bill, S. 1, which also passed, is a critical first victory in the battle to protect the rights of citizens to petition their government.

“Citizens, small nonprofit organizations, and the First Amendment itself were the victors, thanks to conservative-liberal efforts. Special credit, however, must be given to conservative citizens, grassroots organizations, and bloggers who were the first ones to point out that the grassroots provisions in Section 220 of S. 1 were being misrepresented by a few large, wealthy, liberal Washington-based special interest groups.


Yes, but all policital blogger, specially the conservative ones have to take care, because it will not be the last resort. There´ll be another attempt to crush the freedom od speech.

Why? Because with internet citizens are scrutinizing the news they were used to swallow without blink. All the majors news outlets are liberal. They always had the monopoly of the news.. But then, conservatives appeared. Radio, books, newspapers (of course) but mainly on the internet.
Remember who impeded Kerry to win on 2004 elections? Who un-masked Dan Rather??
That´s why they will try it again and again.
It seems that democracy in the US is starting to dance to the same rythm from Latin America and other totalitarian countries.
That´s why I signed the petition at Grassroots page. Do the same

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Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you Luis, but online petitions, don't do anything because there's really no way of verifying signatures and all that. As far as threats to our democracy, I'd say the SPP (if they abolish our borders in 2010) is the bigger threat. Thanks for the moral support though. I sincerely appreciate it!