Sunday, April 29, 2007

Expressionism Tribute - "Cabinet of Doctor Caligari"

This 1919 silent movie was the first "expressionist" film. This masterpiece written and directed by Robert Wiene could be the first horror movie ever produced.
The symbols of this film were very strong.
This film inaugurated the 20th century`s moviemaking fashion.
These characters had been recycled over and over. Note that "Cesare", the sonambulist character was the model for Tim Burton´s (an expressionism addicted) "Edward Scissorhands".
The story was a prophecy of what was about to happen in Germany. In a small village a stranger "Doctor" (Caligari) control people´s mind through hypnotism. Crimes were committed, madness & reality in a nightmarish landscape. In fact it seems that all the movie is located inside a madman`s brain.. That´s 20th century.

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