Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Political Correctness is the "Sharia" of the Laicism State!

Does anybody has realize the likeliness of the Political Correctness and Sharia?

Sharia is the "law" applied automatically wherever there´s a Radical Islamic State. There are even western like Arabian countries that obey strictly the Sharia.

In these countries:

  • Alcohol beverages are proihibited
  • Music is not allowed
  • Women must cover their faces and bodies

The political correctness, for its turn are making huge progress in the same direction

  • Smoke is prohibited in public places in almost all countries of Europe, US and Latin America
  • Fat: people fat or restaurants that sell fat meals (specially if they have a clown as a pet) are being targeted by low-fat radicals
  • Crucifixes and other symbols of christianity like Easter, Christmas are being , or banned or turned into something other than its original meaning

Both Sharia and Polictical Correctness are pursuing the same goals: to impede people to do the "wrong" things or "christian" things, at least. Their perpetrators do not believe in freedom. Freedom to do wrong, to fail is freedom that must be allowed too. It´s with our errors that we can pursue the good.

But they demand that everybody must do the right, or what they think it´s right in a automated way.

Both are wrong and both seems to me symptons of a religious radicalism. There were in the ancient times many religions that were totalitarian in their views and actions. They were called "pagan" religions because the people must act exactly as they demand.

I can´t see nothing different right now. Just one small difference. The Political Correctness, wiht its goal to turns any government into a kind of a "new" laicism state - seems to be the "icebreaker" (preparation) for a subsequent painless "Sharia" deployment.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, they do seem to be working towards the same end goal: the eradication of Judeo-Christian heritage, not to mention slowly controlling our lives. We just gotta be vigilant. I forget who said it but it rings true, "The price of eternal freedom is eternal vigilance."