Friday, June 29, 2007

Washington Post review of "Sicko"

If even WP - that considers "An Inconvenient Truth" "neutral" - charges "Sicko" as "a fuzzy, toothless collection of anecdotes".

Sicko: Movie Showtimes and Reviews on's City Guide
Ladies and gentlemen, I think we can agree on two things: The American health-care system is busted and Michael Moore is not the guy to fix it. His "Sicko," an investigation and indictment of a system choking on paperwork, greed, bad policy and countervailing goals, turns out to be a fuzzy, toothless collection of anecdotes, a few stunts and a bromide-rich conclusion. The problem: He never goes for the big picture. He has some fun (and gives some fun) with what might be called inciting incidents -- metaphorical examples, up-close-and-personals with the aggrieved, some muckraking and the like. In the end, it's as if he's afraid of losing his audiences with charts, numbers and assessments from neutral sources, unlike the similar techniques used by Al Gore in "An Inconvenient Truth." Moore never interviews actual veterans of the system: doctors, nurses, administrators -- only the victims. (..)

The movie is partially redeemed, I would say, by Moore's own wit and class: He is a funny guy; who knew he was a noble one, too? The nobility comes in toward the end when he details his own anonymous -- well, it's not anonymous now -- contribution of $12,000 to a fellow whose wife could not get coverage and whose expenses were breaking him financially so he could not keep up his Web site, which basically consisted of screeds meant to destroy Michael Moore. Extremely decent move, guy. Moore asks why a man should be forced to choose between paying for his wife's cancer treatments or destroying Michael Moore. Good question."

Final thoughts: The last question has just one answer: It´s obvious that between to pay one´s own wife cancer treatment and to destroy Michael Moore the former is the rigth. Michael Moore just fades away by himself . His notoriety is just the result of a cultural decadence.
Charity? I would do the same as Moore, but I would never put in on film... That´s the big difference between christian values and materialist values. Only God knows my real intentions on charity and only God will judge it. For and atheist, even charity must "approved" by his acquaintaces to be worth, that means it must be shout to the world as louder as possible..

Final (indeed!) II: Interesting that the real status of Cuban Health Care system is not mentioned... Of course it intented to be a movie critic, not a reliability test on Michael Moore.
But for those who wants to know a little bit about Cuba, here´s a wotrhy video...

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