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Captain America is Dead :: Capitão América está Morto

I think it translates the actual status of the ideals of freedom, minimum state and democracy to all the world. Captain America is dead as America is dying trampled by the anti-americanism, totalitarianism and even the old-comunism from China to Russia disguised in Western costumes that conquered the world.A hero can´t be a hero if the victims do not perceive this. Like the old Prince song, It´s the "Sign O´Times"..

But, let show exactly the opposite in the same post: All these new "graphic novel designers" (how I missed Stan Lee) are deeply engaged in deconstructing all american legends. Captain America is one - if not the biggest of them all - of the symbols of the great nation of the United States of America. I am a Latin American, Brazilian but I am very "north-american" by the values I keep, so the dead of Captain America is the death of one of my childhood symbols too.

They are deconstructing all that resembles values, nation and courage. Exchanging it all by foolish things like Politically Correctness, Nanny-State and I-Phones..


O destino do Capitão América parece o destino que muitos desejam para os Estados Unidos. Parece que sim, o destino do personagem se mistura ao status atual do sentimento de apoio aos Estados Unidos no mundo. O grande vilão, enquanto os velhor totalitários e comunistas se disfarçam de amiguinhos.

É um período trágico, ao ver ideais como liberdade, estado mínimo e democracia sendo carcomidos em duas frentes, a externa e a interna.

Sim, por que mesmo uma "graphic novel" como essa vem de uma geração de desenhistas que sempre acabam achando um jeito de desconstruir todos os mitos americanos. Com o Capitão América não seria diferente...

Desconstroem os velho mitos, que incluem patriotismo e coragem, por coisas estúpidas como o "Politicamente Correto", Welfare State e I-Phones...

NEW YORK — It's a funeral fit for a superhero.

In the drizzling rain at Arlington National Cemetery, thousands of grieving patriots solemnly watch as the pallbearers — Iron Man, the Black Panther, Ben Grimm and Ms. Marvel — carry a casket draped with an American flag.

Yes, folks, Captain America is dead and buried in the latest issue of Marvel Comics' "Fallen Son," due on newsstands the morning after Independence Day. After 66 years of battling villains from Adolf Hitler to the Red Skull, the red, white and blue leader of the Avengers was felled by an assassin's bullet on the steps of a New York federal courthouse.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it's quite fitting that he's dead. I had to take English 106 first semester of freshman year (I'll be a junior in the fall) when I was studying engineering (I study polisci, Spanish, and Mandarin now). My English teacher was a hard core lefty who made us read graphic novels. I despised that class (mainly because I wasn't interested in comic books, although doing my report on the graphic novel The Road to Perdition vs. the movie was interesting) because all the graphic novels or individual comic books we read all had, to some extent, an anti-American slant. If the NAU happens, then my nation really is dead. The next four years are going to be very crucial (in my opinion) to the survival of my nation or its destruction. They can be some of the best or worst in my life. I sadly think they will be some of the worst (meaning the US is done for). The NAU's just too strong right now with its backers and not enough of the American public knows about it or what it will mean.