Monday, July 09, 2007

US Apologizes to Brazil... or Congo?

Anti-americanism in Brazil makes some jokes turn out to be dangerous "threats" to the country. The self-esteem of Brazilians are really down and blurred: when it´s time to get angry (corruption on the government, the sell out of Brazil to Lula´s friends at Foro de São Paulo) they got indifferent and hopeless, but against a joke, they got mad and demand "apology".
It´s a typical expression of a twisted mind. What is important does not matter, the appearances are everything.

"Welcome to the Congo!" sign forces U.S. to apologize to Brazil - MSNBC Wire Services -
"Welcome to the Congo!" sign forces U.S. to apologize to Brazil

"In a joke that made Brazilians cringe and forced the United States Olympic Committee to apologize, "Welcome to the Congo!'' was marked on a whiteboard at the USOC's office at the Pan American Games.
The picture showed USOC media employee Kevin Neuendorf in front of the whiteboard with the phrase, and the story quoted him as saying it was written because `it's really hot in Rio`.''

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Germano said...

Of course these arrongants have to apologize. Their low self-steem is so low that they have to complain everything about other countries that may not possible be like the US (thanks G-d!). And you Ignorant blogger you better read the news carefully before commenting about Brazil, as you left the country, you don t count anymore here. Are you at Portugal? what a big deal!