Monday, July 02, 2007

Europe and the Totalitarism of Political Correctness

UK has banned the smoke in public places.. But not the bombs!!

I prefer the Europe in its peak: full of people smoking in the pubs celebrating liberty and and the defeat of totalitarian fascism after WWII.
Not this nanny state that prohibits all for all people, but does not provide them peace or justice.

I believe, on the contrary of Mr. Johnson, that the "health of thousands of people" will be improved when terrorists drop no more bombs all over the country. And the public men show a little more testicles than these efeminate political correct garbage.

Stricly on the subject there are hundredths of older (and oldest) that are all smokers.. See here.

Buckingham Today - Latest National News - England becomes a smokefree zone

Newly-appointed Health Secretary Alan Johnson hailed the ban as a big step towards a healthier population.

Mr Johnson said: "A smokefree country will improve the health of thousands of people, reduce the temptation to smoke and encourage smokers to quit. Support for a smokefree England is strong, with almost almost 80% of the public backing the legislation.

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