Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Lula´s Victmins

In October, 2006 154 persons died because of the "filght controllers" crisis that still annoys passengers all over the country with severe delays. The government response to it was "Relax and Enjoy" ("Marta Suplicy, the tourism minister, seemed to sum up the official stance when, to much outrage, she suggested that travellers should “relax and enjoy” the long delays")

Nine months later, after huge delays, controversy, and many declarations from the government saying that the "crisis" was being managed, another tragedy.
TAM´s jet airliner (airbus-32) filght from Porto Alegre (the city that my family lives in Brazil) and Sao Paulo attempted to land amid a driving rain. No effect. The plane has gone outside the landing lane, crossed a jammed avenue and crash into a gas station.
The cause? Airport landing lane was under reformation and was supposed to be opened to flights only in September. Government pressure anticipated the liberation to 06-29. But not all the arrangements were already ready. The "groovings" (little canals to drain the water out of the lane) were scheduled to be ready only in september.

While the people are dying , government sits, "relax and enjoys" it all....
Here from FoxNews.

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Anonymous said...

That's sad. The gov't shouldn't have re-opened the airport knowing full well what could happen. What could happen happened yesterday and we see the end result now.