Friday, August 03, 2007

Brazil: Cuban Refugees Will Be Deported To.. Cuba

Brazilian conservative Reinaldo Azevedo reports in his blog:
"Cubans: Brazil is about to committ a political crime. Act now !
  Brazil is on the verge to do a little favour to the dying dictator (it seems that even the hell rejects him), Fidel Castro: Federal Police announced that will deport the Cuban boxers  Erislandy Lara (24) and Guillermo Rigondeaux  (25) , that abandoned Cuban delegation during the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro- Brazil. The reason? They have "no documents". Is it so? Where is the PT (workers party) senators like Eduardo Suplicy to intercede in favor to the Cubans? Where´s the opposition? To send them back to Cuba is like to send two innocents to life prison of a hard dictatorship. Is clear that they deserve the status of political refugees."

I have send an e-mail to all the Brazilian deputies, through the link link:

Here´s my message:

"I want to denounce that Federal Police is about to deport Cuban athletes that escaped from Castro´s dictatorship during the Pan.American Games in Rio. The reason is that they have "no documents"..
Where´s the deputies and senators that always defend the "innocent"? Where´s who defended Oliverio Medina, FARC (FUERZAS ARMADAS REVOLUCIONARIAS DE COLOMBIA) from expulsion and gave him the political refugee status to not be deported to Colombia? Where´s his supporters?
Please is time to do something to save these two young men.
Luís Afonso"


Anonymous said...

I disagree about what happens in Brasil, now..How can we forget The Geneve Convention of 1951...I dont understand...Our President is an animal...unsensitive.I dont believe that He will send 2 cuban men to Fidel Castro.And if HE will agrees with that i dont believe that the brazilian society will accept the situation.
I wrote on my website about that and tomorrow I will send to many brazilian what our President decided to do...I imagine that he thinks that can do what wants to do.We need to stop HIM before that he sells the country.

Anonymous said...

I never heard that deputies and senators always defended an innocent. We are all innocents in Brasil...and what our President decided to do...come here to see with your eyes...
Here deputies and senators to think about their life....never about brazilian....only if the brazilian is their family....