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The Philosopher and The Murderer

Olavo de Carvalho is the Brazilian philosopher that predicted years ago what we are facing now in Brazil.

He was the first in Brazil to denounce the Foro de São Paulo as a new comintern, made up to conquest Latin America for the left. The problem is not if it was only that. No “the left” is not only legallt approved leftist parties on their countries of origin, but also all the drug-smuggling communists terrorists and guerrillas of the continent.

Yes, it was odd that a party like Workers Party (PT) in Brazil – the one that declared publicy that had changed its objectives and turned to democratic-capitalist field during the 2002 elections – was not only the founder of Foro de Sao Paulo in 1990 but it stills participated actively on it, despise its “change”.

Can you “change” but still be friend of Fidel Castro, Colombian FARC & ELN, Nicaraguan Sandinistas, Chávez, El Salvador´s FMLN, Spanish ETA?

Evidently not.

But Olavo was the one that claimed that PT “change” was only a deception made to whitewash the real objectives of Lula´s party: to act as an shadow member of Foro de Sao Paulo, pretending to be the “moderate” one among radicals in LA, in a way that would make the world feels secure because Brazil – the biggest country and the biggest economy – would be a counter-balance power against Chávez (Fidel´s proxy) influence in Latin America.

Last week two facts changed the tide.

First, a internal video from PT – a preparation for the third PT´s congress to be soon take place in São Paulo – showed that Olavo was right. This video explains what is the “PT´s Socialism” proposal, afterall. And it is exactly as the old communism. This video also shows that Foro de São Paulo not only as a debate forum on the consequences of the “Berlin Wall Fall” (18 years after that!) but instead an organization to lead the radical left to the power of all LA countries and to form a new “Confederation of Socialist Countries” there.

You can see the video VNPjm0qfByc ) ">here.

The other fact is that an former terrorist João Moral Carlos Kfouri Quartim gave an interview to the communist website “vermelho” ( assuring that “before the historical memory of the Brazilian people, we would commit the worst of the infidelities to the memory of our deceased if we assented in paying, for the good relations with the military of today, the price of forgeting of the crimes committed for the dictatorship”

Olavo published an article explaining that this attitude is the very objective of the radical left. While the military assured by the Amnesty of 1979 that even the crimes of Quartim were overlooked, the left will never forget the crimes of the military.

And what was the crime of Quartim?

He and many others assassinated an American citizen and Navy official called Captain Charles Rodney Chandler in 1968 in a “revolutionary trial” in Sao Paulo under the accusation of being a CIA spy. Chandler was a Vietnam War veteran that came to Brazil to study socilogy. He was murder while trying to drive his car off the garage. They shot him 14 times by a gun-fire and many others by a gun. It was done in front of his wife Joan and his three children.

He was arrested and judged guilty for his crime. He was released by the Amnesty gave to all political prisioners (but in the time a rude debate over the issue if guilty of a blood crime would be allowed to be amnestied) and his sentece commutted.

Now Quartim is a “professor” in Unicamp (College at Campinas, SP) and it seems to be very important to the revolutionary process in Brazil.

See further details here and here (thanks to google translate)

Leftists, unable to whitewash the history invented a “petition” to accuse Olavo of being a hatred rightist and a mccartyst. Even the most prominent state ministers and influent persons in the Lula cabinet signed the petition.

Olavo denouced the ridicule of create a petition to refute a criminal record. Many Olavo´s admirers (me included) signed the petition putting the truth, but as soon as the “rightist” avalanche invaded and ridiculed the petition, they erased all “dirty” signatures over and over.

It´s the Stalinist process using the internet. If you know a little of portuguese you can see that the signaturers are “sociologists”, “philosophers” and the avarage crowd of useful idiots.

That is why my country is on the one-way to communism. So help us God.

Here the criminal record of Quartim de Moraes, translated by Google translate:


  • Formed in Right and Philosophy for the USP, she was militant of the Laboring Politics (POLOP)
  • In 1968, after to return after two years of studies in France, was one of the founders of Vanguarda Popular Revolucionária (VPR), where it arrived to participate of some armed actions.
  • In Sept 68, it integrated the “Revolutionary Court” who condemned to the death the CAP Chandler, “executed” in 12 Out 68 (to see “Justiçamento, the murder of the CAP Chandler”), (to see “the Great Humbug”).
  • In Dec 68, for divergences politics, it was I banish from the VPR. Four months later, with false name, ran away for Uruguay.
  • In Oct 70, it was for Paris, where it lived ten years, but also passed for England, Italy, Iugoslavia and Chile.
  • In Feb 70, Chile, it was one of the founders of the magazine “Debate”, later also edited in the Europe and that it defended, basically, the constitution of a “platform for the union of the Brazilian Communists”.
  • With the 1979 amnesty, it returned to Brazil, where it started to act in the ABI/SP and was contracted to be professor of the UNICAMP. In 1983, Secretary of the Press of the government of São Paulo was nominated, for governor Franco Montoro.
  • Currently, he is titular professor of the Institute of Philosophy and Sciences Human beings of the UNICAMP.

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