Friday, August 17, 2007

Forget Moore: Portuguese TV Presents The Real Cuba

Portugal´s state RTP TV has made this documentary on Cuba, that show the good (health and education "for free") and the band sides of the country.
After a start that seems to be another propaganda, the balance weighs to the last.
No other documentary in portuguese (yes it´s in portuguese with spanish subtitles) could go so deep: RTP interviewed some of the 75 oppositors of the regime, arrested in what bacame known as "Primavera Negra".
You can hear and watch Guillermo Fariñas talk about his hunger strike for liberty on the internet access in Cuba, for example.
But this dare was not rewarded: they were pressed by Cuban agents to reveal what they had recorded in a popular market.

Some of the dissidents received even death threats over the phone because of the RTP´s interviews.
It´s a brilliant piece of documentary. For real. Forget Michael Moore.
It was sended to me by a friend and was caught on Martha Colmenares´ page.
Sorry: It´s in european portuguese with spanish subtitles.

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