Friday, August 10, 2007

Brazilian Lies to Conduct Two Refugees Back to Prison

Another crime to be listed among the other crimes of Mr. Lula da Silva: to make Brazilian Federal Police act as a leg of the Cuban Intelligence services. They persecuted, put two boxers in jail and invented a story so full of absurdities that is beyond any trace of intelligence.

Accordingly to the interview published in Granma by Ringodeax and Lara where they - according to Fidel Castro´s article in the same newspaper - use absolute "frankness" (a joke!), they were intoxicaded with Redbull and Vodka by bad guys. And decided no to return to the Cuban delegation because they would be with weight in excess. I imagine that they wanted to test if Redbull really gives you wings..

The collaboration between Fidel (or the entity called Fidel that still runs the Island) is something like Petáin and Nazis during the WWII in France. Lula will always do the trick to help their friends and to look as a "balanced" leader to useful idiots like Bush, that went back to Washington believing that created a crack between Venezuela and Brazil on the issue of green fuel). Right now he wanted to believe that Cubans wanted to return to Cuba at their own will.

I said several times that Brazil is getting worser day by day but only in an absurd comedy like this that it could worse than Cuba.

They were arrested and sent back during the weekend just to avoid that opposition (Is it still exist something resembling such thing in Brazil?) to claim for their liberty as refugees.

The episode is far different from the episode involving "father" Oliverio Medina that were supposed to be deported to Colombia due to his criminal poll. But FARC requested and Brazil made him an official refugee.

For his friends, Brazil obeyed the international rules of refugee rights but treated the Cubans as criminals.

Oliverio is a criminal in Colombia, was suspected to give one million dolllars from Colombian FARC to Lula's party in the 2002 elections.

This is the way Brazil is getting closer to a soft soviet regimen.

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Anonymous said...

I imagine the few Cubans outside of Cuba that know about this are quite upset. Lula had best not set foot in Cuba when its day comes. Furthermore, what does Brazil get out of it? I imagine DGSE doesn't have too strong a foothold in Brazil.