Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Brazilian Kidnapped in Iraq

The bad news about Jose Vasconcelos, a brazilian kidnapped in Iraq while was working for a brazilian company, brought to light some dark conclusions.

Brazilian news - always ready to call terrorists in Iraq as "resistence" and "militants" - now claims that the kidnappers were just criminals, not "insurgents". That´s a real change.

But the core of these visions is that we can avoid violence just showing those people that you understand the root cause of their rage. Brazil has firmly condemned the war in Iraq, never sended troops there and even invited Saddam to live here as exiled.

Government think they - terrorists & jihadists - are our friends as much as we are. Brazilian government thinks terrorists has logic of good-bad exactly as he think about domestic violence and wave crime: just don´t react, don´t use weapons, show that you understand them ...

Terrorists are just like a nature´s power: they choose their victmis randomly. They don´t not read the papers to know who´s good and who´s bad. Any foreigner is not wellcome in Iraq.

The other odd thing is the reaction of Brazil diplomacy: while very anxious to condemn any US action in the world, we did not say a word about the kidnapping during days. The family had to beg for a official statement on the issue, saying "We want to see the Brazilian government scream like the French and Chinese and governments of other countries did," Vasconcelos's brother-in-law, the Lebanese-born Ghassan Khouri, told O Globo newspaper.".

It finally came, just to reveal a little bit more about the affair between Brazil-Terrorist groups.

Read this : http://www.metronews.ca/reuters_international.asp?id=52238: "The Brazilian government joined the family of a Brazilian engineer kidnapped in Iraq last week in appealing for his release while it tried to make contact with his abductors on Monday."

It´s clear that government had the telephone number to call the resnponsible for this terrible act!!! Or what you think about Brazil´s government 'contact with the abductors'? They´re allies!!!

This article did not mention Lula´s saying that his government will try some "humanitarian" help but not "political". Guess why?

It means that Brazil´s government will try to help WITHOUT attacking Jose´s abductors, cause Brazil´s government support them!!!

It´s the real fact.
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LA- very concerned

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