Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tsunami: unbalanced and unfair reviews

This idiocy came from "Iran Daily" web site. They attacked the emotional Tsunami´s covering by american media using that fake poll that used to claim there were more than 100,000 iraqi civilian victims of the war.
But what one could expect from Iran??
Read this quote:
Iran Daily: "The US corporate media coverage of the tsunami disaster exposes a huge hypocrisy in the US press. Left uncovered this past year was the massive disaster that has befell Iraqi civilians. Over 100,000 civilians have died since the beginning of the US invasion and hundreds of thousands more are homeless and weakened."

By november, when this "research" was published in England, several articles debunking the researcher´s methodology appeared. This is one of this: click here.

The core of these critics is that the sample used was to tiny that the results could vary from 8,000 to 100,000 deaths. Obviously the unpartial researcher chose the worse number.

These article from Iran has the same kind of twisted thought that we can find here in Brazil. The difference is that in Iran we have a religious dictatorship and here in Brazil we have a "democratic" regime (how could it be democratic if only the left really run the campaings?)

This article resemble exactly as another one posted on sunday´s issue of a newspaper called "Zero Hora" in Brazil: In the middle of a deep analysis of the tragedy, complaining that in our era we cannot accept these events without warning (obviously meaning that the rich nations - USA - didn´t make all efforts necessary to avoid it) the reporter included even the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki..

"In january, 6th 1945 (sic), US dropped the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. Nobody knew what would be the level of devastation"

If the reporter studied at least more history before judge war actions, he would lnow that Hiroshima was bombed in august, not january...

Sad tropics here, were "good-guys/baddies" logic is used instead of knowledge to interpret the events....


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vá tomar no cú, sua bicha barbuda

Anonymous said...

Lemos isto e depois perguntamo-nos: afinal a bomba que caiu em Agosto e não em Janeiro não matou gente? Ou a gente que morreu em qq data,por não ser a data certa, deixa de contar?
E a morte por um tsunami é mais morte que a morte por bombardeamentos? Ou os mortos matados pelos yankees não contam?

Interessante que o blog de um brasileiro seja escrito em inglês (para os «amigos» verem?)Mais interessante ainda, a «dor» que as comparações se façam
Ana, Portugal

Luís afonso said...

Errado: eu tenho um blog em português para português ler. Há dois anos...O em inglês é para americano, australiano, iraniano e até português ler.
Minha pergunta não é sobre o fato da bomba de Hiroshima ter matado ou não pessoas, mas o que tem isso a ver com o Tsunami. Poderia então, no mesmo diapasão ter escolhido o massacre da Paz Celestial, o atentado do WTC, o bombardeio de Desdren ou mesmo Pearl Harbor.
A escolha cuidadosa das notícias a mostrar e principalmente o que esconder é o exercício de desinformação ou subliminar supremo.
Este é o ponto...